Nestled among bustling Seminyak, Kerobokan and Canggu, in recent years Umalas has become one of the most exclusive locations in Bali with a number of high-end villas, excellent restaurants and spas appearing. In the ever-changing landscape of hot new dining venues, at the time of writing this, these are the top 5 restaurants in Umalas that are offering a superb experience of savouring the delicious food amidst unforgettable vistas in the area.

1. Habitual

Habitual opens for breakfast and lunch only, and is actually a small exclusive café that offers a wide range of outstanding burgers. The decor is cloaked in dark colours makes the place contemporary and stylish… an excellent setting for devouring your meal burger lovers! The world-class American chef in Habitual is a truly a master of his craft, and he ensures customers never leave unsatisfied. Furthermore, this day-time cafe offers a few different types of pasta, soups or salads choices, and there are small bakery items for the sweet-addicted amongst us.

Habitual Restaurant Umalas Bali

2. Nook

Nook is situated close to Habitual cafe and amazes their customers with the unbeatable view over the rice paddies. But hurry up and visit Nook, as developers are already putting their eye on the prime real estate next to them in the green fields. The menu of the restaurant is vast and offers both Balinese specialties along with the western favourites. All the food is fresh and high quality, so do feel free and try a seafood kebab, or fresh oysters on Sunday. I recommend you finish the meal with one of the typical Indonesian style of the desserts of choice – banana split, crepes or ice cream!

Nook Restaurant Umalas Bali

3. Bali Buda

Bali Buda is both a healthy food cafe and a popular local shopping mart, where you can buy anything fresh and 100% organic. The homemade food will satisfy the strictest dietary restrictions as it is sugar, dairy, wheat and gluten free. Bali Buda’s wraps are what you must definitely try, and be sure to explore the shop as it sells any healthy and organic product you could possibly think of.

4. La Casetta

Among all of the Italian restaurants in Bali, only a few of them are truly exquisite. La Casetta is one of them. The divine satisfaction which you will feel after tasting their pizzas is almost unspeakable! The wide variety of dishes along with reasonable prices has made this restaurant one of my favourites. Also, try their pannacotta for the dessert or maybe Sorbetto al Limone (if you ate too much – which is inevitable here!). Trust me, try once and you will return again and again to La Casetta.

La Cassette Restaurant Umalas Bali

5. Tiflis

Tiflis was the first Georgian restaurant in Bali. The gorgeous Georgian cuisine is characterised by the traditional way of cooking the dishes with adding typical herbs and spices. The homemade cheese and bread, straight from the oven, along with other authentic dishes are what features Tiflis as a standout amongst other restaurants in the area (and on the entire Bali island for that matter!). Try the delicious Georgian food if you never tried it before, or relish your favourite flavours again if you have already been, as it is definitely one of the best restaurants in Umalas!

Tiflis Restaurant Umalas Bali

Tiflis, offering authentic Georgian cuisine, La Casetta with its incredible Italian food, Bali Buda proposing organic meals, or outstanding burgers in Habitual, these are just some of the reasons why Umalas is becoming a Bali mecca for gourmets, and for lovers of splendid vistas. Do check it out for yourself.