People are always bringing home cheap souvenirs or trinkets from holiday to remember the trip, and when it comes to Thailand, there are so many more unique items on offer than simply magnets or t-shirts! Here’s my list of 7 unique must buy things in Thailand:

1. Thai Silk

Thai silk is similar in nature to sought-after high quality Chinese silk (although for a fraction of the price). Clothing, scarfs, and cushions are usually bright, tropical colors, which will always remind you of good memories from Thailand.

Thai Silk Must Buy Thailand

2. Thai Coconut Oil

Advantages of Thai coconut oil are numerous. It is highly used in cosmetology, culinary areas and spa treatments. Higher price does not always indicate better quality, thus, choose the oil according to the recommendations or your own personal preferences.

Coconut Oil Must Buy Thailand

3. Thai Spa Products

Along with the coconut oil, there are various essential and moisturising oils of high quality available in Thailand. Among the tourist favorites are lemongrass, jasmine, and Dork Phud oils. Other spa products include candle diffusers, herbal soaps, and scrubs, and bath salts, which all make fantastic souvenir or gift items.

Spa Products Must Buy Thailand

4. Thai-style Clothes

The colors of Thai clothes are usually bright and have animalistic or geometric themes. The design is simple, stylish, and universal. Nevertheless, the most popular that tourists love buying are outrageous elephant pants or maybe a bright sundress as it is airy and made from natural fabric.

Thai Clothes Elephant Pants Must Buy Thailand

5. Thai Food and Snacks

Thailand has a huge selection of various dried fruits and also vegetables. Do you prefer dried mango? Or maybe durian? (Be careful, it smells even worse than fresh ones!). A slightly less exotic but sweet delight, coconut candy, can be found in any big supermarket. Additionally, you can find a wide selection of unique seasonings and sauces also readily available.

Thai Food Must Buy Thailand

6. Thai Cashew Nuts

Thailand is famous for its cashew nuts! The high quality and affordable price make cashews an excellent (and delicious) present for the loved ones back home.

Cashew Nuts Must Buy Thailand

7. Muay Thai Accessories

For those fond of boxing and exercise there is no better present than Muay Thai boxing shorts or gloves from the very birthplace country of the sport! The great selection of colors, sizes, types and materials will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Muay Thai Accessories Must Buy Thailand

While shopping in Thailand, you will find many more amazing things to bring back home. But do not buy for too many people, because then you may need to return to stunning Thailand again for everyone who missed out! Happy shopping.

Image Credit:
Thai-style Clothes – Kickstarter (The Elephant Pants)

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