Top 10 Places for Shopping in Bali

Like all of Bali, shopping on the Island of the Gods is almost an art. The individual approach to the decor of each store, the original and unique design of clothes, and attractive prices make Bali a shopping mecca. The best boutiques, outlets and local shops are located between the Seminyak and Petitenget area, which is where many of the most sought-after restaurants are as well.

1. Biasa Bali

Biasa Bali is a high-end Bali-based designer label. The store is separated into two levels “for her”, and “for him”. Each section offers chic designer clothes with matching accessories. The top quality cotton, silk and linen used in collections turn into fresh and elegant clothing, which ideally meets the customer demands in a tropical climate.

Biasa Shopping Bali

2. Puravida

The vibrant, unique and fun spirit of Bali is reflected on the shelves of Puravida stores. The soft cotton and other natural fabrics along with the original design are two main reasons why you should visit one of Puravida shops.

Puravida Shopping Bali

3. Drifter Surf Shop

There are two fantastic Drifter Surf Shops in Bali, which are worth a visit even if you are not going to purchase! It is like visiting a museum; you can come inside and look around at the impressive array of pieces for sale. There are beautiful bikinis and board shorts, books and handicrafts, surfboards and a vast collection of paintings from different artists. The store also has a coffee bar and a lounge area, where the weary shopaholic may take a break.

Drifter Surf Shop

4. Deus Ex Machina

Another “shop-museum” type establishment is Deus Ex Machina. You may roam around in here for a long time, and gush over the vintage motorbikes crafted by the Down Under company. Explore the many funky surfboards for sale and other trendy items available. Besides the shop, there is an intimate cafe, art gallery and a surfboard factory that is impressive to see here among the picturesque rice paddies in Canggu.

5. Bamboo Blonde

Bamboo Blonde Shop presents a colourful mix of both international and local brands. This shop primarily aimed for young ladies offers various sexy evening dresses, casual clothes, and beach wear.

Bamboo Blonde Shopping Bali

6. Body & Soul

An awesome Indonesian brand, Body & Soul includes various designs for both younger ladies and also the modern business woman, all in a range of colours. The constant discounts as a chain store are what makes Body & Soul a very affordable brand for those trendsetters amongst us as well.

Body & Soul Shopping Bali

7. Billabong Factory

The colossal three-floor Billabong Factory store located in Kuta is the best place to get lost when looking at beachwear. Thousands of discounted items of the best international brands with bikinis, t-shirts, jeans and sports shoes are all here, often on heavily discounted sales.

Factory Outlet Shopping Bali

8. Uluwatu Lace

Handcrafted lace works that you see when entering Uluwatu Lace is the result of the 30 years of hard work from the local artisans. All clothes, accessories or bed and table linens are handmade by employees with love and passion, and truly unique to Bali.

Uluwatu Lace Shopping Bali

9. Blue Glue Bikini

You can’t miss the Blue Glue Bikini shop. Besides the impressive size of the store, the blue neon logo is visible from blocks away! Stylish and accessible, Blue Girl Bikini holds true to the saying that girls can never have too many bikinis and shoes.

Blue Glue Bikini - shopping in Petitenget, Bali

10. Bagatelle

Bagatelle is a well-known local furniture shop named after the designer and its founder. The high-end furniture is designed for luxury properties and is what you need if deciding to make any refurbishing in order to makeover your place in style.

Bagatelle Shopping Bali

If you are planning your next shopping destination, consider Bali as one of the fastest growing shopping arenas in Asia. And get prepared to come back home with the excess baggage because you definitely won’t leave Bali empty-handed.

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