When you think of Bali, an immediate picture of blissful paradise comes to mind. There are numerous places in the world that are abundant with natural beauty but Bali seems to be in a different league altogether. In fact, Bali is not just another beautiful holiday destination that offers tourists the time of their life – it is a place where you can enjoy a host of exciting activities that will form a vital part of your holiday experience.

Most picturesque locations across the world do not have too much to offer apart from their natural vistas and beauty. This is where Bali sets itself apart from other tropical retreats. The multitude of activities you can indulge in when visiting Bali will keep you returning year after year.

Top 5 Activities in Bali

White Water Rafting in the Gianyar area of Bali is one activity that is guaranteed to get your heart racing. Not only is this an exhilarating activity for adults but it is something that you can enjoy with your entire family. The fast paced rafting may leave you a bit nervous when you start off, but within a few minutes you will feel on top of the world. Most of the streets are lined with tour operators where you can book White Water Rafting for the following day.

Another awesome activity that Bali is extremely popular for is surfing. In fact, Bali is a haven for surfers with some of the most superb surf breaks for the ultimate adrenaline fuelled experience. Bali’s coastline offers some of the most spectacular waves for professionals and beginners alike. Balangan and Kuta offer novices a chance to learn and enjoy surfing whereas Bukit and Canggu are the places for those who have expert surfing skills.

A Bali Island Cruise is a great option for a daylong outing. The reef cruise to Lembongan Island takes the better part of a day and gives you ample opportunity to soak up the sun. If you’re in the mood for some fun activities, you can try your hand at parasailing or enjoy the banana boat rides. You can also take a boat out to one of the three Gili Islands from Padang Bai. You can do this in a day but recommend you stay overnight to get the most out of the trip.

If you love snorkelling, you’ll be more than delighted that you chose Bali for your holiday. Menjangan Island in North West Bali is arguably the best diving site in Bali. You can snorkel in two different parts of the island, both offering different views. While you can dive with the fish on one side of the island, the other provides awesome diving amidst the stunning reef corals. The clear waters of the ocean make for a thrilling experience, where you can immerse yourself in the mesmerising colours of the underwater world.

Last but certainly not the least; you can indulge in some seriously exciting trekking when in Bali. If you’ve always wanted to climb up the side of a real volcano but never had the opportunity, here’s your chance to do it! The dawn trek to the top of Mount Batur volcano is one activity that you do not want to miss if you are a keen trekker. Once you’re on the top, the breathtaking sunrise makes the trek more than worth it.