Most people dream about the perfect Bali holiday, to take them away from the stresses of daily life. However, you need to take care of several things in order to ensure you do end up having that dream holiday. One of the essentials for a great getaway is the accommodation that you choose, as this is a key part of a Bali holiday experience.

Villa vs hotel, are two options for those looking for accommodation in Bali. Hotel accommodation and self catering villas are the popular choices aside from backpacker accommodation, which let’s face it was good when you were traveling in the teenage years. While some people automatically opt for the hotel – often because that’s what they are accustomed to – there are many reasons why choosing a villa could actually be the more sensible, affordable, and enjoyable choice.

Villa vs hotel

Luxury villa rentals excel over hotels in many ways, which is why this is an option you should seriously consider no matter what part of Bali you are planning to visit.

For starters, a luxury villa rental gives you a lot more space than even the biggest suites in hotels. Most luxury villas have multiple bedrooms, living room, kitchen, as well as others areas of the villa that can be used for different activities. Many luxury villas boast stunning private spas, tropical gardens, BBQ areas, and swimming pools to help take your holiday to a whole new level.

Villa rental is also the perfect option if you are travelling as a family or group. Having to book multiple hotel rooms or suites can work out extremely expensive. However, with a villa, all you have to do is rent one luxurious and comfortable home and your whole family or group can stay together for far less than you would pay in total for a bunch of hotel rooms.

Imagine being cramped up in a small hotel room and then imagine yourself in a luxurious villa with the run of the entire place. If you prefer to have total freedom and plenty of space, a villa is the natural choice.

The cost of renting one villa rather than a number of hotel rooms can save you a lot of money. Add to this the fact that renting a villa allows you to cook your own meals or the chef can whip something up in minutes rather than eating out at a restaurant every night. Most villas also come with full time housekeeping services, butlers, driver, nanny and personal masseuse. What more could you want?

The benefits of choosing a villa in Bali

One of the biggest reasons why people prefer luxury villa rentals over hotels is because of the privacy they offer. You don’t have to worry about ‘keeping it down’ because your neighbours can hear you through the adjoining hotel room walls. Nor do you have to worry about battling with hordes of people when you’re in the mood for a relaxing swim or quite breakfast. You can simply enjoy the total freedom and privacy that you get to enjoy and focus on spending quality time with your family.

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