Klungkung is the administrative capital of the smallest Bali regency, and for a reason unknown, an undervalued beach retreat. Some might argue that the lack of tourists is also a huge advantage, keeping Klungkung’s splendid beaches deserted and tidy, and preserving that elusive charm of a traditional Balinese village.

Due to the fact that this appealing eastern village is far less frequented than Bali’s southern regions, the dining scene in Klungkung is rather low-key and mostly feature local eateries, so should you find yourself craving a more sophisticated dining experience, you can easily reach the more frequented tourist areas within a short drive from your private villa. Here are some options on where to dine in Klungkung.

1. Rock N’ Roll Food Corner

Though tiny and unremarkable outside, Rock N’ Roll Food Corner is a cosy and appealing local restaurant where you can have an amazing dinner or lunch complete with fresh tropical juice squeezed in front of you. The venue serves genuine, bargain-priced Indonesian food. Even if the choice is rather limited, you can still expect to sample some deliciously authentic Balinese fare cooked with traditional spices and flavours.

Rock N Roll Food Corner Klungkung Bali

2. Pasar Senggol – Klungkung Night Market

Klungkung is a home to a traditional night market, which besides the great shopping also offers a great opportunity to sample some authentic Balinese fare. Spread out in the centre of the village, Pasar Senggol is a favourite spot amongs locals and expats to savour traditional dishes cooked right before your eyes on the improvised portable grill. Must-try is Satay Ayam (chicken satay), cooked with typical local spices and flavours. Trust us, this hearty dish differs a lot from what you get in a gentile Bali-themed restaurant catering to tourists!

Pasar Senggol Night Market Klungkung Bali

3. Dapoer Lebih

A relatively new, large and beautifully decorated local restaurant, Dapoer Lebih has an extensive menu featuring a seemingly endless list of authentic local dishes and Western favourites. Located down the road from Bali Safari, the unassuming Dapoer Lebih is quite easy to miss, but it’s well worth a visit. The restaurant serves traditional Indonesian cuisine in a beautiful and relaxed setting and turns even the most casual dining experience into a special one.

Dapper Lebih Restaurant Klungkung Bali

Often overlooked by visitors, Klungkung is a beautiful and relaxed region which still maintains a lot of the unique charm of the “real Bali.”

If you want to venture beyond the beaten path in Bali, contact Ministry of Villa’s specialists. We will help you find the perfect accommodation to suit your needs, tastes and budget.

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