People of all ages around the world drop into Bali to enjoy the epic nightlife that the island offers. Bali is a party haven for someone who loves to let their hair down and party all night long.

The nightlife in Bali starts picking up after the sun goes down. For the party enthusiast, Seminyak, Kuta and Legian – situated on the southern tip of the west coast represent a free spirit with loads of beer, shopping and the beach!

The parties in this region gradually pick around midnight and go on till the early hours of the morning. Don’t get surprised if you walk into a pub at around 10 pm and find it empty!

Whether you’re a solo traveller or with your special someone, Bali’s nightlife surely won’t disappoint you. The madness of Kuta can be a bit much for some, but still worth checking out.

Kuta and Legian – for the nightclub scene!

Kuta is considered the mecca of nightlife on the island. If you like partying in shorts and thongs, with loads of beer, happy hours and loud music then look no further. This 7 km stretch of the island on the west coast is packed with nightclubs and bars offering a grand night out to all ages. However Kuta does attract the young ones, so don’t be surprised to see kids under 18 in some of the bars.

Many of the bars offer eggs on toast in the mornings, serve lunch and dinner – turning into happening night-spots by midnight. Stay all day, drink all night – you never have to leave!

Hard Rock Café and District Bali in Kuta are famous for their feature live bands and international gigs. The Sky Garden is another popular place with 5 levels of different music playing on each floor and great drink deals. The Bounty is Kuta’s oldest club and it’s a must visit for a party enthusiast who wants to party like there’s no tomorrow.

The latest hot spot is Hypnotized club and lounge in Beachwalk shopping center. This place is a sunset icon in Kuta with a rooftop beach view where you can enjoy stylish cocktails and fusion food along with stunning panoramic sunset views.

Legian is an extension of Kuta and has some really good places to enjoy. The bars and clubs are smaller here, but just as loud.

Seminyak – for the sophisticated traveller!

If you prefer a more sophisticated and upscale party experience, then Seminyak is the place to go! This place is popular amongst the expat community who love to wine and dine with some good food and music along the chic beachside bars.

Some of the popular bars on the beach are Potato Head, Ku De Ta and the W Hotel where the prices are a bit on the steep side but the views are impressive. Cocoon is a good place to go on a laid-back Sunday night with DJ sessions on the beach.

The L hotel, a modern restaurant offers some great Asian food, fine wines and cocktails. Book a table on their rooftop bar for a relaxed evening and watch the sun go down as you sip some tropical cocktails. Other popular bars are Charlies, Hu’u Bar, Petitenget and the list goes on of new and exciting bars around Seminyak.

Party Tips

Some of the bars in Seminyak follow a dress code. Hence, it is always a good idea to enquire with them to avoid last minute annoyances that may spoil your evening.

Whether you’re partying in Kuta or a cool lounge bar in Seminyak, try the local Bintang beer – the refreshing lager flavours of Bintang are available all over Bali at around US$3.

It is a serious crime in Bali to take drugs. So party hard…. but don’t get tempted by the guys on the streets. It’s usually a set up by the police anyway, the drug dealer keeps the money and the police catch a foreigner.

Don’t drink and ride. Hire a cab that’ll drop you safely back to your villa or hotel. After midnight the meters in the taxis don’t exist and you might have to pay around $10 to get home.