While walking the busy streets of Phuket, you will see hundreds upon hundreds of massage shops, all with rows of comfy massage beds, soft lighting, and Thai masseuses. Despite being predominately female who are thin and petite, don’t be fooled! You will never believe how much pain they can cause! But it feels oh-so-good afterwards. Here is a brief Ministry of Villas guide to REAL Thai massage:

What Is Thai Massage?

Origins of Thai massage and methodology stems from accessing the body’s ancient healing system with a combination of acupressure and Ayurvedic principles. It is highly beneficial for health and relieving tension, however, sometimes can be quite painful. The masseuse will use all her limbs to pull and push different pressure points, sometimes even walking on the person’s back. If the therapist is doing this too strongly for your comfort levels, better to ask her gently to lessen up, otherwise instead of relief you may get the exact opposite and be more stressed during the session.

Thai Massage Thailand

Why is the Thai massage so popular these days?

The answer is simple: because it makes a person feel better. It increases blood circulation and energy levels, relieves pain in muscles and joints, and reduces stress for body and mind. When done correctly, Thai massage allegedly even performs the function of disease prevention and immune system building.

Other points to note are that it is always done without oil (a person is usually required to change his clothes for the linen loose pants and shirt). After warming up, the masseuse begins from the feet and moves slowly toward the head, working through every bone and every joint. The therapy includes stretching the ligaments in various yoga positions, alongside some of the more traditional massage therapy techniques.

Where to Do Thai Massage?

There are several places where you may get a Thai massage.

Right on the Beach

There are several places where you may get a Thai massage. On the beach there are always a stream of usually older women who are proposing their massage services for an attractive bargain price. Moreover, you can negotiate to reduce it further. However, the standards differ wildly, with the quality of this massage, as well as the skills of the masseuse, often questionable. And sandy on the beach if its windy!

Koh Samui Beach Massages

In the Massage Shop

In the massage shops, the therapists are selected by the owner and they are responsible for the quality of the service. While walking the streets of Phuket, you will see numerous massage shops. Usually, the better interior and location the higher prices are accordingly (with less room for bartering). Make your own sound judgement went entering if the place looks reputable.

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Private Masseuse in the Villa

Finally, you may have the massage parlour in your hotel or villa. This is the best option to have proper Thai relaxation therapy as the hotel or villa management are usually very precise in choosing/training the best masseuses.

Villa Six Spa Room I Uluwatu, Bali

Thai massage is a highly efficient stress-relieving therapy and a useful procedure for getting rid of aches and pains, but only impactful if truly done by professionals. The best rule of thumb is to not have someone walking all over your back unless you feel they have been professionally trained!

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