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    Chalet Luma Outdoor Area | Hirafu, NisekoChalet Luma Living Area | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Come in from the cold and enjoy the warm ambiance of Chalet Luma, a lavish alpine lodge nestled in the beauty of Niseko’s snow-covered mountains.

    From US $456 US $410 /night
  • The Orchards Niseko Eagle's Nest Indoor Living Area | St Moritz, NisekoThe Orchards Niseko Eagle’s Nest Exterior | St Moritz, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Eagle’s Nest is a luxurious chalet with a Jacuzzi, bunk beds for the kids and epic mountain views.

    From US $776 /night
  • Enju Living Room | Middle Hirafu Village, NisekoEnju Building | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 5 Bedrooms

    Enju is a lavish Japanese style chalet with a huge media room and onsen bath with entertainment system, 5mins from the ski lifts.

    From US $1,421 /night
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    Fubuki Building | Hirafu, NisekoFubuki Living Area | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 3,4 Bedrooms

    Fubuki is a pair of modern chalets offering sublime comfort in the relaxed lower village, close to restaurants and the shuttle bus.

    From US $524 US $393 /night
  • The Orchards Niseko Goyomatsu Living Area | St Moritz, NisekoThe Orchards Niseko Goyomatsu Living Area at Night | St Moritz, Niseko


    St Moritz, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Goyomatsu is a luminous modern chalet complete with a Japanese bath and direct views of Mount Yotei.

    From US $786 /night
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    Hideaway on Escarpment Onsen | Hirafu, NisekoHideaway on Escarpment Living and Dining Area | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 3 Bedrooms

    Hideaway on Escarpment is a one of a kind luxury chalet with origami like architecture revealing hidden surprises and Mt Yotei views at every turn.

    From US $704 US $563 /night
  • Jun Living Area | Hirafu, NisekoJun Building Area | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 6 Bedrooms

    Jun is a sleek, stylish and spacious luxury chalet offering a peaceful and secluded location in Lower Hirafu Village.

    From US $2,339 /night
  • The Orchards Niseko Kaki Living Area | St Moritz, NisekoThe Orchards Niseko Kaki Exterior | St Moritz, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 3 Bedrooms

    Kaki is a luxe modern chalet boasting majestic mountain views and two traditional Japanese baths minutes from the slopes of Niseko.

    From US $464 /night
  • Kasara Townhouses Building Area | Annupuri, NisekoKasara Townhouses Living Room | Annupuri, Niseko


    Annupuri, Niseko – 3 Bedrooms

    Kasara Townhouses marries together sleek modern design and elegant Japanese decor just metres from the ski slopes.

    From US $1,668 /night
  • Kisetsu Outdoor View | Hirafu Izumikyo 1, NisekoKisetsu Indoor Living and Dining Area | Hirafu Izumikyo 1, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 3 Bedrooms

    Kisetsu combines warm Alpine décor and a wood burning fireplace with a great location 50 metres from the ski shuttle stop.

    From US $544 /night
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    Kitanishi 2 Exterior | Hirafu, NisekoKitanishi 3 Living and Dining Area | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 3,4 Bedrooms

    Kitanishi sits hidden in plain sight in the heart of Niseko. Enjoy the slopes and the cosmopolitan bustle and relish the luxe privacy of your chalet.

    From US $392 US $352 /night
  • The Orchards Niseko Kitsune Exterior | St Moritz, NisekoThe Orchards Niseko Kitsune Living Area | St Moritz, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Kitsune exudes Scandi chic in the Japanese Alps with luminous decor, an onsen bathtub and epic views of Mount Yotei and Annupuri.

    From US $615 /night
  • Koho Living Area with Fireplace | Hirafu, NisekoKoho Building Area | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 3 Bedrooms

    Koho is an authentic alpine chalet with a wood burning fireplace and views of Mount Yotei, walking distance to restaurants and the ski shuttle.

    From US $638 /night
  • Kokoro Building | Hirafu, NisekoKokoro Living Room | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Nisesko – 5 Bedrooms

    Kokoro is the ideal alpine chalet complete with a roaring fireplace and stunning Mt Yotei views, located 3 minutes from the ski shuttle.

    From US $1,373 /night
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    Kuma Cabin Dining and Living Area | Hirafu, NisekoKuma Cabin Bedroom with Lamps | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 2 Bedrooms

    Kuma Cabin is a cool and compact ski chalet surrounded by pure powder snow in the laid back Lower Village.

    From US $356 US $320 /night
  • The Orchards Niseko Kuromatsu Exterior | St Moritz, NisekoThe Orchards Niseko Kuromatsu Night View | St Moritz, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 3 Bedrooms

    Epic views of Mount Yotei, minutes to the ski lifts and a luxe Japanese bath are just some of the perks of staying at Kuromatsu.

    From US $464 /night
  • Moiwa Chalet Family Area | Moiwa, NisekoMoiwa Chalet Building Area in Snow | Hirafu, Niseko


    Moiwa, Niseko – 3 Bedrooms

    Moiwa Chalet is a cosy ski lodge located just a snowball’s throw from the Moiwa ski lifts.

    From US $498 /night
  • Mukashi Mukashi Living Area | Hirafu, NIsekoMukashi Mukashi Building | Hirafu, NIseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 6 Bedrooms

    Mukashi Mukashi is an indulgent designer chalet with state of the art facilities and a perfect location in the heart of Hirafu Village.

    From US $2,344 /night
  • Panorama Living Area with TV | Lower Hirafu Village, NisekoPanorama Outdoor View | Lower Hirafu Village, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 6 Bedrooms

    Panorama offers fabulous views overlooking Niseko and Mount Yotei, with three floors worth of modern luxury.

    From US $2,428 /night
  • The Orchards Niseko Sawara Billiard Table Night View | St Moritz, NisekoThe Orchards Niseko Sawara Night View | St Moritz, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Sawara has a pool table and views of Mount Annapuri within minutes from the Grand Hirafu ski lifts.

    From US $625 /night