We decided to take time off on a lazy Sunday and explore the laid back area of Legian on foot. With sneakers on, water bottles in hand, sunnies ready and an empty backpack we headed for Legian.

The area of Legian is nestled between Seminyak and Kuta, offering the same style of shops and bars as Kuta. Set between these two famous beaches of Bali, Legian offers a lovely fusion of the surfing scene of Seminyak and the partying crowd of Kuta. It is the ideal holiday location where you can shop til you drop, swim and go for leisurely walks along the streets stopping at the restaurant-lined streets for a bite to eat.

Bali Home-wares Legian

Exploring Legian

Jalan Legian is an exciting 3 kilometre stretch bustling with energy. Here, you can still find the cheap bargains without much hassle (depends on your bargaining skills). As we walked along and entered Jalan Legian, we noticed that there is an interesting array of fashion boutiques, galleries, spas, cafes, restaurants and local roadside stalls.


Bargaining skills come handy especially while buying knock-off brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bintang gear, Billabong shorts and of course all the well-known genuine watches!


Girls will love the beaded jewellery shops that offer colourful bracelets, shell work and smaller trinklets. There are also many shops selling silver jewellery in unique custom-made designs.

We found a cool thong shop called Fipper where we couldn’t resist taking photo’s of the walls lined with flip flops. For the first-time shoppers in Bali, Legian can be a fun shopping experience.


Our empty backpacks were filling up with all of our shopping. After a long walk we headed towards the Double Six beach for a refreshing break. Legian is famous for beachfront bars where you can sip on a cocktail while relaxing on the colourful bean bags on the shore. The beach fills up with locals and tourists especially during the sunset hours.


The Legian beach has more of a laidback vibe compared to Kuta, which is also bustling with nightclubs and beachside bars. You can learn to ride the waves which are safe for amateur surfers. There are plenty of surfing schools offering lessons in surfing, wakeboarding, kite surfing, windsurfing, tow-in and stand-up paddle board. You will also find a lot of budget accommodation options for backpackers and affordable family villas.


We stopped at Crystal Palace beach bar, with it’s relaxed and funky vibe we hung out listening to the great tunes from the live band. The food was great, juices fresh and the bill was cheap!


The place definitely passes our “beach-side bar” test by way of colourful and relaxed seating, cheap drinks and great food.


A pampering Balinese massage after lunch was all we needed to relax our sore muscles after the long walk. And in Legian there are no shortages of spas. You can even stay on the beach, rent a daybed with umbrella and enjoy a beach massage for as little as $5. First-time visitors to Bali really will love exploring Legian and certainly worth checking out on your next trip.


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