Introducing Weligama – A Laidback Beach Town

Weligama is a sleepy fishing village featuring the perfect combination of traditional lifestyle and reasonable development. Located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Weligama attracts active travellers, families and couples to indulge in the laid-back atmosphere of this splendid coastal village.


Weligama, or “Sandy Village”, is a splendid beach town that stretches along a beautiful, serene bay dotted with rock formations and fringed with soft golden sand. Being rather popular with foreign travellers, Weligama offers almost endless water sports and outdoor activities to keep you active.

Weligama houses a fair number of restaurants with most of them dotted along main roads. There are also several shops in the town selling high-quality lace produced by local women, so if you are looking for a special gift to bring back home, lace fabric could be an excellent option.

If you’re really looking to explore, head to the peaceful Midigama – a tiny village with uncrowded surf break and friendly locals. Close to Weligama, Midigama offers the same splendid stretch of the golden sand beach, charming seaside cafes and bars, yet serves a bit more relaxed and secluded atmosphere.


  • Beautiful deserted beach

  • Fabulous secluded villas

  • Cosy beach restaurants

  • World-class surfing

  • Peace and tranquillity


Situated south of Colombo International Airport (a.k.a Bandaranaike International Airport) on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Weligama is an ideal place to enjoy uncrowded surf breaks, secluded beaches, friendly atmosphere and local culture.


Although it is possible to get to Weligama, Sri Lanka over land or water, the best way is to fly:


It can take anywhere between 2,5 hours to 3 hours to reach Weligama from Colombo International Airport depending on traffic. Ministry of Villas can arrange a chauffeur to greet you upon arrival and escort you to your villa.


Alternatively, there is a taxi desk at the arrival level which arranges one-way fares at a fixed-price. It is recommended to negotiate about the price before getting into the car, as metered taxis do not travel long distances from Colombo.


If you are travelling in a larger group, hired minivan is the best option to reach Weligama. The service is available through the travel agencies in the Colombo airport at the arrival level.


The train departs from Colombo Fort, and it takes approximately 3 hours to reach Weligama. Not the fastest, yet, the spectacular train journey is also one of the most affordable ways to get to this beautiful beach town.


Buses depart from Colombo Bastian Mawatha Bus terminal every two hours, and go to Matara city, which is around 15 km away from Weligama. From Matara, you can take either taxi of tuk-tuk to get to Weligama.


There are plenty of options, so we’ve ranked them according to our recommendations for first-time travellers:


Ministry of Villas can arrange a private car and chauffeur for you. Depending on which villa you are staying in, the cost for the private car and chauffeur can vary, so it’s recommended to contact our Ministry of Villas team to get the complete information about the private transfers.


Weligama is a rather small village and can be easily covered on foot. Thus, if you are not planning to travel further afield, renting a motorbike or hiring the tuk-tuk is not necessary.


If you are planning to travel further afield, tuk-tuk is a convenient and very affordable way to explore the nearby locations. You can simply flag one down the street, but before getting into the vehicle always negotiate the price. If you can drive the tuk-tuk, there are a couple of rental shops, where you can hire three-wheelers at a very reasonable cost.


Motorbike rental shops are plentiful in Weligama. Take into account that the traffic can be somewhat chaotic in Sri Lanka, so a certain level of experience is required. Moreover, you should have an international driver license on your person at all times, and for your safety always wear a helmet.



There are two Ministry Approved villas in Weligama. As Weligama is a naturally splendid and a popular coastal village, villa prices tend to be higher than other parts of Sri Lanka. Weligama villas range from USD $500 per night for three-bedroom villa resorts to USD $1000 per night for a five-bedroom luxury villa.

Most of our villas have dedicated staff including butlers, chefs, nannies, 24-hour security personnel, drivers and many other services you won’t find in a hotel. This is why we say “Spend just one night in a villa and you’ll never stay in a hotel again.”


Weligama houses numerous dining venue able to suit all budgets and appease all palates. Most of the local eateries and midrange restaurants dotted along main roads serve delightful local cuisine.

There are also a couple of roadside rotti shops offering some real local flavour! Unusual taste and an extraordinary way of preparing the fare will leave no one indifferent.

Several fine-dining venues serving more elaborate menus and mouth-watering seafood are definitely a must-visit, especially if you are here on the island to celebrate some special event. With their dramatic clifftop location, these elegant venues offer dramatic vistas and an eclectic mix of local and international cuisines.


Since Weligama is a laid-back and peaceful town and there isn’t much of nightlife in the area. Providing a tranquil getaway, Weligama is a place to enjoy serenity away from the hustle-and-bustle of your daily routine.

There are a handful of bars dotted in the centre of the town and lining the beach, offering cold beer, simple cocktails, various soft drinks and delicious fresh juices to quench your thirst while watching a mesmerising sunset.

Most of the travellers visiting Weligama prefer to enjoy a drink or two before heading back to their hotels or private villas for a night of rest, and that is the main reason why drinking establishments in Weligama close not long after midnight.


The shopping scene in Weligama is rather low-key, but you can find a few shops selling unique and handmade items. Weligama is famous for its fine lace, which tireless local ladies make by hand. While walking the streets of the city, you may see Sri Lankan women sitting on the roadside making lace, which later appears in the vitrines of small local shops.

Since Weligama is also a popular surfer’s destination, there are a couple of surf shops in the village, where you can find some used surfboards, leg-ropes, wax and other accessories. The selection might be somewhat limited, so it is always recommended to bring all surfing accessories with you, especially if you prefer using a particular brand, which can be absent in Weligama surf shops.


Boasting surf breaks to suit all levels from complete novices to advanced level surfers, Weligama is a Sri Lankan surfer’s paradise. Strategically located almost on the southernmost tip of the island, Weligama is in season almost all year long and gets both South-West and South-East swells.

Dotted along the beach, there are a couple of surf schools in Weligama where you can learn how to surf and catch your first unforgettable wave! After the surf session, you can sip refreshing juice or even something stronger at the beach bar, and watch your surf mates riding perfect waves.

Weligama is also a home to a dive school, which can organise dive trips. Sri Lanka’s water’s are teeming with tropical marine life, making for an excellent playground for those wanting to marvel at the fabulous underwater life or get a few lessons with an experienced instructor.