Bali is without a doubt one of the best surf destinations in the world. Warm water, the absence of many dangerous sharks and jellyfish, and the diversity of breaks are some of the reasons why so many Australian, European, and American surfers come to Bali every year. The best-known waves are in famed Padang Padang and Uluwatu, so this is where the business is done with hotly-contested surfing competitions being held for those advanced enough to take on these waves and win. Here are some of the other sought-after experienced surf spots in Bali:

Uluwatu or Ulus

Uluwatu is the most famous surf spot in Bali. Located on the South Bukit peninsula, it has several impressive breaks. Besides the (leg-achingly!) long waves, Uluwatu has stunning cliff views and amazing temples. It is a sacred place with vibrant cultural traditions and beautiful, serene nature. The surf spot is fantastic all year long, and has subsequently gathered a consistent surfer’s community. The Single Fin Bar, on the top of the cliff, has become a cult place among surfers and tourists alike. Here, every Sunday, a huge party is arranged, where not only surfers but everyone can come for a drink and a few Bintangs to share their stories and adventures from the day!

Experienced Surf Spot Uluwatu Bali
Experienced Surf Spot Uluwatu Bali

Getting prepared for an awesome surf trip to Bali? Check out the list below for the most epic surf villas located on best Bali’s surf sports!

Padang Padang

Padang Padang has an extra adrenalin-fueled reputation as being one of the most dangerous places to surf, and for good reason. Although being one of the most beautiful beaches, underwater it has a very shallow reef, a strong current, and sharp rocks. Only the bravest surfers ride the waves out there! Every year, competitions are held in Padang Padang where surfers can put their pride and bodies on the line. The rest of the year in non-competition time, it is open for expert surfers to still tackle at their will. Do not confuse Padang Padang with Baby Padang for beginners, which is on the right-hand side, and is a far more forgiving break.

Experienced Surf Spot Padang Padang Bali

Green Ball (or Green Bowl)

Green Ball is a relatively undiscovered surf spot in the South of Bali. It is rather remote and requires a long hike to get there. The good news it, this means it is less crowded than other surf spots in the south of the island. Furthermore, the impressive beach and delicious food in the local warungs and restaurants are an excellent reward after a long surf session!

Geger (Nusa Dua) Beach

Geger Beach is among the most stunning beaches in the world. It offers not only consistent waves during the wet season, but is also protected by a reef lagoon, where snorkelers and families with children may spend the whole day. Surfers here are blessed with an excellent spot, where no matter what the swell, there will always be a solid wave. Due to the remoteness of the surf spot from the beach, the fisherman’s boats are taking surfers to the reef break for 50.000 Rs one way as required. Geger spot has one of the strongest currents on the island, so a long surf session is practically impossible even for the super-fit. However, the quality of Geger waves compensates for the lack of quantity with it always being a relatively short-session. Also, hit the local warung on the beach that offers a variety of fresh juices and healthy food.

Experienced Surf Spot Geger Nusa Dua Bali


Keramas is located on the same side as Geger Beach. It is one of the fastest and hollowed-out waves in Bali. Keramas is a reef break, and usually rather crowded, as it is attractive to the best of both worlds with local and foreign surfers continuously riding out there. Keramas Beach is open stretch of beach with not much development except the Komune Beach Club, but this suits perfectly as a place where you can drop in for a drink, food and some fun afterwards.

Experienced Surf Spot Kermis Bali

Uluwatu, Padang Padang and Keramas are some of the most well-known waves in the world. And all of them are breaking around one tiny Bukit peninsula in Bali! Where else can you find the best surf spots separated by just kilometres? The Island of The Gods was truly formed as a surfer’s paradise.

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